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norseduncan's picture
May 19, 2017

@Uncertaindarkness is there anything you can do to change those aspects you struggle with? I, for one, used to be fairly characterized as a very angry b***ard, but no one who meets me these days could say so. and we here do accept you for who and what you are.

369's picture
May 19, 2017

@Uncertaindarkness we're here for a reason, what exactly I wish I knew so i could stop coming back to this side of reality.
I'm sorry to hear your having trouble figuring yourself out, but if you try and make something happen it usually does. You say you want to be with someone, have you made yourself available? By going out and meeting people or have tried online date sites?
What is it you don't like about yourself? Is it a permanent impairment or is it something like losing weight?

Uncertaindarkness's picture
May 20, 2017

its a bit more complex than anything most may think of. I'm just different... its not that I can't have people in my life or be in a relationship. its, I am different than most people. I do and think for myself, I lack belief and I strive in logic trying to understand everything. I can accept others for everything they are but it seems I can't find my own acceptance. Even if people acknowledge me and accept me there is the lack of understanding, there have been some. I am doing a bit betternow thanks for the replies.


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