So I have been eating cleanly by my own standard (only added

So I have been eating cleanly by my own standard (only added sugar in my diet is what is found in whole grain bread, wraps, and plain cheerios) and yesterday I went to a birthday party and ate reasonable portions of foods I knew had added sugar because i didn't want to be that person with dietary issues that has to make a fuss and eat something different from everyone else. I feel that socially the sacrifice was worth it but hated that the meal took me that much further away from my goal of losing 63.5 lbs. I got some exercise today and ate right but I have wrestled with sugar cravings today. I have endured this cycle before and I hate how one wrong meal can set me up for cravings for days afterwards. If you don't believe sugar is addictive go without added sugar for a while, have a meal with added sugar, and then try living for a week with the cravings. It sucks. I have not been doing well on the no added sugar diet because I am restricting my carbs and calories in the hope of losing weight sooner. I worry about the amount of saturated fat in my diet but its mostly from eating lean protein and low fat dairy so I am at my wits end in that regard. I could just stop eating altogether and that would solve the saturated fat problem but that isn't practical. I hate going grocery shopping because I have to pass aisle upon aisle of food that looks delicious that I can't have. I don't eat out anymore because every time I do I can taste the sugar that is added to everything including (and I verified what I was tasting by asking the waitress to ask the chef) mashed potatoes. I have since given up white potatoes because they increase the risk of developing diabetes. I also cut out red meat. I guess I have made a lot of dietary changes in a short amount of time. I'm going through an adjustment period, perhaps. What I appreciate is that I have already lost 10 lbs, my clothes fit better, and my facial acne has cleared up completely. I live with someone who eats added sugar in mass quantities, white potatoes, and red meat. We have separate cupboards and freezers on different levels of the house we share - my idea. Although it is working I cannot stand to watch him eat. I feel envious and angry. My only consolation seems to be watching my friends get fatter and my own clothes get more comfortable. I have a doctor's appointment in a few weeks and I am nervous about my lipids and A1C1. I don't know if the changes I have implemented have made a significant difference in these things or if so, especially with respect to the lipids, if the change will be in the positive direction. Can I stick to my lifestyle changes? Can I overall (not counting the occasional birthday or krispy kreme donut stop when I'm out of state) implement changes that will improve my health? I don't know, I am feeling out of my league. I don't really feel like I have the knowledge to always make the right dietary choices. I think I need to make an appointment with a dietician to discuss this once I hear back from my doctor. Thanks for reading. It is greatly appreciated.

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Jul 17

"I have endured this cycle before and I hate how one wrong meal can set me up for cravings for days afterwards."

YES... I know this cycle well!

I never quite put it in such a clear thought tho.

Thanks for sharing your truth. Now I can see what is true for me too. :-)

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Jul 17

@lovingthegirl Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I can relate so much. Every time I go a while without eating sugary and other highly palatable foods, my cravings begin to subside. It is mostly when I get into a situation where I cave in, either at social occasions or at places and times that remind me of binging (for example, my grandma's house where I would binge so often in the past years, it's become habitual). I have a piece of something sweet or highly palatable, and I just can't get enough. It turns into a binge fest which I can't stop, sometimes for days. It makes me wonder whether complete abstinence is a solution, but then I remember that this "all or nothing" mindset makes my binges so much worse, as I say to myself that I'll never eat this stuff again so I'll eat all my favourite junk food now. As if it's supposed to satisfy all of my future cravings. Of course, the next day I crave it all even more than before, and it's those days that are usually the worst in terms of cravings and urges. I guess that at least for now, it is better for me to decline when I am offered my trigger foods. I believe that one social occasion isn't worth the next 4 days of binging.

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