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December 3rd, 2020


Hi, I am new to the group as well and feel that my sugar a

I am new to the group as well and feel that my sugar addiction has become just a constant craving and I am having a hard time just cutting processed sugar out. I "snack" on unhealty sugary things probably several times a day and I know it makes me feel bad- but even knowing that it seems I am having little success with controlling temptation or cravings. I am not looking for an extreme diet shift, but would love it if I could reduce sugar to now and again treats instead of several times a day, every day food. Thanks!

Nov 21

Hi. Welcome to the group, and so sorry you are struggling with this. You probably know this already, but one thing I found really helpful was to eat lots of vegan protein - nuts, grains & beans & oil, Tofu, tempeh, seitan. Or even non-vegan protein (poultry, meat, fish, eggs, cheese.) I don't wait til I'm hungry, but as soon as the sugar starts calling me, I would eat some protein. That helped a lot. Hope this helps.

What strategies have you tried so far?


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