Second blog of 2019 IS OUT!!!!! "Facing reality after the holiday season"
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Hi, first time using this. Once I type something then what h

Hi, first time using this. Once I type something then what happens? I wonder if there is an inperson meeting place in seattle?

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I am at the night of day 2. Knowing i have this support group is really cool. Thank you guys!

Nov 9

Yay! delaneyconstance! It really only gets better. Draw that line and dont cross it no matter what. Your sugar days will start to fade behind you like a bad memory. Im on day 23 and each day i feel stronger about it. I just focus on each day. I will be so excited to one day claim 6 months sugar free!

Nov 12

delaneyconstance, how are you doing now? I'm trying to quit again and today would be day one for me. I've heard that days 3 &4 can be the hardest and I was just curious what your experience has been these past few days.


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