Hello all. I just joined. I would love to overcome my sugar

Hello all. I just joined. I would love to overcome my sugar addiction. Especially since the Girl Scouts are at it again! Love those thin mints! How do I even begin??

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Jan 21

Currently I am having pain in both feet. I have one leg in a boot and I'm waiting to have surgery. So I'm unable to do much walking.
I do need to balance my meals. And getting a blood sugar monitor might help cut back on sugar when I see my number so high.

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Jan 21

Good luck with your surgery. Had foot surgery myself and was in a hard cast for months. So yes the meals are the best way in any case. Start physical activities later. Dr. Atkins books may be of interest to you too.

Jan 25

@texrose01 Pain In both feet sounds really difficult. I had foot surgery last year. The pain before surgery in just the one foot was intense and difficult to bear. During recovery I discovered chair aerobic videos on YouTube. There is one guy in particular, Paul Eugene, whose attitude is upbeat, funny, and infectious. Exercising made me feel less helpless during that time and Mr. Eugene even made me laugh sometimes. As for the cookies - I quit eating Girl Scout cookies a couple years ago. But I love Girl Scouts and used to be one myself so I always give them some money and tell them to treat themselves to a box.


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