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Back on some kind of track. Been eating much better. Bought

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Back on some kind of track. Been eating much better. Bought a container of mixed peanuts and ate a bunch, it helps me though and I miss my almond butter, the fresh organic stuff I get only at Whole Foods. I have been drinking distilled water. I like the clean taste. I have a deluxe filter system on my entire home but prefer the distilled water.. I have been swimming everyday up to 16+ laps a day. My husband swims 100 laps and makes it look so easy. After the laps I do water aerobics, jog for over an hour. The weight is not dropping fast but my clothes are feeling much better. I know the problems happen when I eat sugar, I really start to feel awful. The cookies, cakes, pies all that stuff give me depression and hurts my joints. I have to find balance.

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Jun 30

Balance, that is what I am aiming for as well!


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