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Back after a long break. Was sugarfree for a 18 months, got

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Back after a long break. Was sugarfree for a 18 months, got down to nearly 118 lbs, had dental surgery and it did not go well, I was put on antiobotics that gave me C diff, had to gain some weight, got back on sugar and addicted to the max. Highest weight went to 152 I am horrified at my lack of control with sugar. I am 5'7. Went back sugarfree, it will be 4 weeks tomorrow and I lost 10 lbs. Now 142. I worked so hard to reach 120, stayed there for a while and then when sugar was back into my mouth the weight came tumbling on ..152 the amount I weighed when I was 9 months PG. I never weighed that much just regular. Ok so I am back on track, this time my husband is doing it with me which truly helps me. Goal is 125, when I lose more than that my friends look at me like I am ill. I hate the way sugar made me feel. I felt ugly and pitiful. Sad as hell and felt old and tired. 4 weeks sugarfree and what a nice difference. I can get back into my jeans, and the shooting pains I had were gone. Sugar addiction is the worst. Good luck on your journey.

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Feb 25

So well done! You are amazing!

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Feb 26

oh, so nice! I so understand, I feel ugly and pitiful, but I am trying to put sugar out of my life. Thank you for inspiration!


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