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I am just wondering if anyone else has problems with the uri


I am just wondering if anyone else has problems with the urinalysis? I have been on suboxone for about a year and 7 months and have been having problems with my urine my doc keeps saying that my test is negative but I have no clue how? I use my medicine exactly as prescribed and have even been recording my dosing stating the date and time and even showing it Via another phone, its hard enough to make it to the doctor once every 2 weeks now they want me to come twice a week for observed doses and still dont believe me? What should I do or I should ask what more could I do? I also was researching Bio-availability and ways to maxamize absorbtion and even why a urinalysis would come up negative and I seen alot of people saying the same stuff, oh and another thing also was when you open your suboxone strip if it is broken or crumbley that it compromises the integrity of the medicine or makes it way less potent? What do I do? What should I do? I really cant afford to lose this I deal with aweful pain constantly and even tried to skip my other medications to see if that would help or make a difference but nope just made myself miserable with even worse pain? Could a High metablolism be a factor, I asked my doc and he said there was no way my metabolism would be that high? I almost wanted to say "because everyone is just so genetically similar that I couldnt have a extremely high metabolism just because you said I couldn't.

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Apr 16

does anyone in the group have any advice?


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