what life lesson can you learn from experiencing the worst p

what life lesson can you learn from experiencing the worst possible people on the planet. I have had the misfortune. How do I move on from this. It has been v traumatic and I have never felt so much hate in my life. Yes I was even spat at! Thank you.

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Jul 20

Gettingthere Like DearPeace said It isn't you, it's them. They are the ones with the problems. Do your best to stay away from people like that. Sometimes it's hard to know what a person is like until you spend time with them. If you have a bad feeling about someone, trust your gut. Dissolve the relationship. After loving and marrying a narcissist, I've learned how important solid self esteem is. There are ways you can work on and increase self esteem. Good self esteem helps you to be a happier person, and you are less likely to become victimized by people who are not.

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Jul 20

Being spat at is assault. Consulting with free local abuse clinics and 24 hr hotlines may give you much needed support. PTSD symptoms worsen with stress. Hope you can reach out for more specialized help.

Jul 21

@gettingthere You learn that there are people in the world who have no regard for others. They have no regard for others because they have no regard for themselves. And because they can’t accept the hate they have for themselves, they attack others to try and feel better about themselves.

It doesn’t work of course. Once they’ve formed a belief about themselves, it sticks like glue. And the only way they can get rid of it is to be brave enough to look honestly at themselves. That usually requires professional help. If they don’t do that, they remain unhappy people much of their lives.

You can move on from it by letting go of your preoccupation about it. As long as you allow your thoughts to stay on those experiences, you will continue to feel the trauma of them. And the best way to let go is to deliberately shift to good feeling thoughts about you.

They can be any thoughts from your past, present, or future that makes you feel happy, pleased, satisfied, eager or content. For example, it can be thoughts about a nice relationship you have with a family member, friend, teacher, counselor or religious person, an award you received, a skill you mastered, a sport or hobby you enjoy, an activity you like or a trip that was special for you.

Focus on those good feeling thoughts during your day, just before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up in the morning. Your goal is to increase your good feeling thoughts until they are there more than half of the time. As you do that you’ll start to notice changes in you.

You’ll have periods where you’re happy and have loving and peaceful thoughts about you. That will happen because you will have connected with your Inner Being. You may know your Inner Being as your Soul or Self. Your Inner Being is unconditional love, happiness and peacefulness and is there for you all of the time. So when you shift to good feeling thoughts consistently, you’ll feel those feelings as well.

As your good feeling thoughts increase, you’ll also start to attract others to you who also feel good about themselves. Those relationships will be very satisfying because they will be people who regard themselves highly and will accept others as they are.

You will realize that as long as you stay connected to your Inner Being with consistent good feeling thoughts, your life can be one in which you can be happy, peaceful and loving much of the time and your relationships will be very pleasing as well. Hugs

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