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Okay, so I am under a lot of stress lately. In 25 and my wif


Okay, so I am under a lot of stress lately. In 25 and my wife and i are about to have baby number 3. I'm working on beginning a legitimate career, but getting my foot in the door has been an exhausting process. Come November I can try again and hope for the best. Now my current employer has announced that severe cuts are being made over the next week. Our fleet is being halved and we are losing a substantial number of employees. Job security has just become nonexistent to some degree, and this is the second time it's happened when we have had a child. On top of it all I've been plagued with a problem lately. When I first started working I was in a situation where, being a Male I wasmt comfortable dealing with harrassment. There were a few women I worked with who would make comments about me, and at least one who would inappropriately touch me while at work. I laughed it off and made the best of the situation, and never confronted anyone. I didnt like what was happening. Having dealt with problems with myself in the past this behaviours made me feel bad. And ashamed. And now, years later I dont know if they did anything wrong since I never confronted them or told them how I felt about it. Now I have this resting in the back of my mind. I dont know how I'm supposed to feel, or if they were in the wrong and I dont want to take this to the sexual harrassment group and upset people who have been through worse because I dont feel like this is a valid complaint. Any advice from anyone? Am I wrong for feeling bad about it or should I just take it in stride?

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Sep 16

@CassieShannon I am grateful that she breastfeeds for as long as she does. I'm more concerned with after it ends. For now we have a year without needing to provide food for another mouth. Its after that that worries me. Things are going a bit better though. We started our new work arrangement today. I'm not sure how I feel just yet but so far so good.

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Sep 17

I am sorry for what you are going through, Is there anyone you can talk to like a trusted friend or sibling, or your church pastor? Anxiety if we dwell on it can be completely debilitating. here is some information for you about anxiety . Also seeing a therapist might help. here is a number for a great organization that can offer some free counseling advise and refer you to someone in your area. 1-855-382-5433. Congratulations on the baby , Prayers my friend.

Sep 18

@anonymousmeagain Do you have family you can reach out to for financial assistance, guidance, or emotional support? If you do not have family or if they do not live close by, do you have a church family to lean on? I truly believe it would be wise to find support during these years of starting a family. Its difficult to be responsible for everything. If you need someone to speak to I have a number where you can call and get support. They will also help you find support where you live. It's private and confidential, the number is 1-855-382-5433. P


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