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My fiance and me have been together 5 and 1/2 years and he r

My fiance and me have been together 5 and 1/2 years and he really loves me but my firends don't like him. We live out in the country so we are alone together most of the time we aern't working. He is very loving to me but has told some very complex lies a few times over the years about stuff and I can't stop thinking about them. Is there a way for me to get past my anger at him and trust him again? I have a natural distrust for men that I'm afraid I may have unwillingly inherited from my mother. She is suspicious of every man. I dont want to end up lonely and miserable like her or as a cat lady. My man is overall really good to me I just cant stop being mad at him for some reason.
Should I call off our wedding over this? Or is it possible to be less angry and enjoy my life again? I used to love being around him and I want to feel like that again.

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Aug 11

@pitifulsoul Yes, you can get past the mistrust. I recommend working with a cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT). They will help you focus directly on the mistrust so that it is no longer an issue. You can connect with one online if its easier for you since you live in the country.

If travel is not an issue, you can consider face-to-face therapy. The two links below will help you get in contact with a CBT online or in person. Make sure to ask if they are a licensed or certified CBT before you sign on. It’s a good idea to ask for a resume so you can also know how much experience they have.


You can use the links below to learn more about CBT


Aug 13

Seeking counsel would be a really good idea. I know when I have trouble figuring something out that is bothering me for a long time getting advice is crucial. Seek a therapist, pastor, talk to him about it or a mentor. But working through it is so important. Whatever you decide it’s important for any relationship to have communication. Praying you can make a wise decision. -Rachel

Aug 16

Hi, just want to say I'm sorry this is haunting you. I really agree with those who recommended couple's therapy. If your fiance has apologized and you two have worked through it already but it's still bothering you, then you probably need a third party to penetrate your feelings.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't get married, but you's probably be smart to get this issue uprooted before you start a marriage with it hanging over your heads.

It sounds like you have a sweet and loving relationship, and I hope you're able to seek help and work this out. Blessings!


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