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lately, i've been improving on my attendance at school but i

lately, i've been improving on my attendance at school but it's hard to manage my time enough to finish the work i've been given so far, i always find time for an after school nap, but it's so hard, my grades been decreasing to the 80's & 70's.. i'm trying so hard but the stress is so high up i don't know how to manage
it. any tips for well time management?

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Sep 11

Why are you napping after school? Is it avoidance or are you tired? If it's avoidance, try exercise instead. That will pump you up and energize you so you can study. If it's because you are tired, take a hard look at your sleep hygiene (google).

Sep 11

smhitsjenni, routine, while it can be boring, can also be a life saver for those of us that get discouraged or distracted easily! Get yourself a calendar, write down all of your commitments, including time to study and time for homework - for example, Mondays - math class 10 - 11 am, science 11 - noon - noon - 12:30 lunch, 12:30-1:30 math homework, 1:30 - 2:30 science lab, etc. And, yes, the more detailed you are the easier it gets to follow.


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