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I had water damage in my bathroom and have had to have my wh

I had water damage in my bathroom and have had to have my whole bathroom remodeled. It’s been very stressful financially, emotionally and mentally. I’ve tried to do all the things I know to manage stress but I’m breaking down. Talking to people about it makes me get upset and angry and those feelings wear me out and make me want to sleep. I just want this whole experience to be over with so that I can move back into my house and resume my normal
life. I’m tired of being sad, angry and frustrated for so much if the time.

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Oct 13

We had a flooded kitchen so I completely understand the stress of having your home life turned upside down for month. NOT EASY! Glad to hear that you are seeing the end in sight! Will the process of listing and selling the house be stressful or will it be a relief? Do you have someplace else in mind to relocate already?

Oct 14

I’m so sorry you have had to go through this process too! I hope that selling the house is not stressful but I will have to wait and see. I have been looking at places and have found some options so I believe that if I sell I will have a place to go.

Oct 16

It is hard when stress keeps coming at you and you feel overwhelmed. Letting go of these things is best but hard. Speak positively over it instead if you can, since that will change your stress over it a lot. Humor is healing and relieving of stress, so watch something funny and just laugh out loud, releasing tension and remembering the good things in your life. Be blessed! This too shall pass. <3 Oh, something that helps many also is taking magnesium and ginseng, since they calm the mind body and spirit and get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop around. Best to you! <3


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