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I always feel like i'm going through everything alone. I try


I always feel like i'm going through everything alone. I try talking to my friend and my sister and i know they're always supporting me. But talking about my problem doesn't help. I cry a lot, hoping it'll ease the pain but its getting heavier everyday. My chest feel so heavy and i wanted to feel relieve. Sometimes i cry when i overthink, but sometimes i just cry without a reason. I get easily panic about what's going to happen in the future. And when the panic comes, i always cry. I'm getting tired of feeling lonely and stress all the time. These days its getting worse, i started to imagine myself getting hurt although i know its wrong and i have no intention to actually hurt myself, but it's in my head. I just feel so heavy and tired with all of this emotions. Sometimes i try to distract myself with something positive, but once i'm not doing anything, all the fear, heaviness, and stress always come back to me. And its very hard at night when i'm alone. I'm just tired of feeling this way and the worse thing is i can't stop it no matter how many time i tell myself to stop.

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Jun 29

Hello- I’m so sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time. It’s good that you post here. When I went through deep sadness I found comfort after I posted in one of the forums. I hope you will find comfort here as well.

I have a sister who was diagnosed with anxiety and I see the importance of someone that she can share her feelings with. You can try to talk to someone you can trust or you can write down your emotions in your journal, it’s like talking to a friend.
When you are alone, listening to music can help you to feel relaxed. I hope you get better soon. Keep us posted. God bless.


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