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Hi, I need to write here, because if I don't I'll go crazy

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I need to write here, because if I don't I'll go crazy.

A little bit of my background info, just for the story to make sense:
I already finished Two of my bachelor's degree. I was forced to attend university by my family (higher education is free to attend in my country). I never liked studying, and writing thesis even more. I work 4 days a week, 10 hours a day, I need to work because of my lack of self control I fell in debt.

Now to my problem: I am now at the last year of my master's degree studies. I need to write my thesis, I am seriously WAY behind my writing schedule.

The thing is I can't force myself to write. I just hate my supervisior, my subcject, even though I chose both by myself.... All of that. When I try to force myself to write, I feel sick, nauseous even. I lie to my family that all is good, but I just wanna run away from all that. My BF tells me that it's just a last strech in this field and that I should force myself to write, and it will be good.
But I feel like I'm about to break from all that reluctance.

What should I do? Because my brain melts from stress and anxiety.

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Feb 15

The negative thoughts and feelings youre having about your thesis are keeping you from moving forward with it. And as long as you hold those thoughts and feelings you will encounter events or circumstances that will prevent you from completing it.

ou need to shift your thinking to positive scenarios about completing it. Create a list such as -
I know I can create a series of small goals to work on each day
I look forward to handing in my draft of the thesis
I look forward to my supervisor’s comments so I can finalize it
I am excited about receiving my degree
I know that this will be the end of my education
I look forward to find employment in my chosen profession
These are just suggestions, of course. Feel free to modify them to your liking.

You want to go over your list frequently during your day, just before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up in the morning.
If you find yourself having negative thoughts about your thesis, stop them immediately and shift back to your list of positive comments and repeat it.
Repeat your list when youre in a good mood. You can get in a good mood by thinking about anything from your past or present that made you happy.

You will find when you shift to positive scenarios youre anxiety and any doubts you have about completing your thesis will simply disappear. Once youre in positive mode, you will also find that the energy and time to work on it will be readily available to you because YOU WILL HAVE CREATED IT to happen that way. I am very optimistic that you can successfully graduate with your class. I wish you all the best.

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Feb 17

Thank you for your insight on my post!
But I must say that when I say to myself something like: "You can do it!" or "I look forward to doing something" I feel nauseous, like it's so fake, because I should be ab;e to do it without such silly things. I realized that I do not respond well to motivational speeches :(

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Feb 17

I think you should do what relaxes u before you plan to write then sit and see if creativity flows.


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