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Hello everyone. I need support rite now: i've been having


Hello everyone. I need support rite now: i've been having strong anger problems & escalations up N2 rage, wanting 2 lash out @ people verbally/emotionally; this, in comb. w/ the fact that my current meds give me severe dopiness, has prompted my provider 2 want me to go inpatient this Mon. morning, the 16th. She wants 2 pull me off of them, & try something new, but doesn't feel she can do that safely outpatient. I DON'T WANNA GO!!!! I am SEVERELY nervous 'bout it, based on past hospitilizations that turned out abusive & neglectful; i'm afraid of these things being repeated. Also, my mother has dementia, & i'm worried 'bout leaving her by herself, & the emot. strain it would create on her. I'm afraid of coming out w/ SEVERE debt--WE NEED ALL THE MONEY WE HAVE RITE NOW 4 PAYING HER RENT & DEALING W/ OTHER PROBLEMS!!!! I'm afraid they'll get me on something that gives me [bad] side effects & then won't help me w/ it. Finally, i relish my freedom, & don't wanna B stuck up there on that damned inpatient floor all day, every day, not able to get out except when the smokers are let out for 15 or so min. ea. day! I THINK I'D GO STIR CRAZY!!! I wanna fight her on this, & find another way to deal w/ my situation, a way @ this dreaded thing. Has anybody else ever felt this way?!?!

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Apr 15

Have you ever considered natural remedies for some 9f your stress and anxiety? I tried medications and they only gave me terrible debilitating side effects. I began learning about links to anger and aggression and magnesium deficiency...have your Dr check you magnesium levels. Most of us are deficient in this mineral that controls over 300 bodily enzyme functions!
I learned about magnesium oil several years ago and have been able to ditch the meds and just use natural supplemnts to deal with anxiety and depression and extreme stress. You should fight her on this and exhaust all other avenues beofre they resort to inpatient treatment.
I get the magnesium oil at Amazon for about $18 for a 12 oz bottle, you just spray it on you4 feet at night before bed. 20 sprays a day.
Hope this helps you!,


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