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G*d help me. I ask the universe everyday for help. The year


G*d help me. I ask the universe everyday for help. The year of relentless issues.

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Sep 15

Its more than that. Its life itself. I know that saying 'count the blessings'. I dont do that because it is more hurtful. Like the curse takes away something off that list just to be spiteful.

Sep 15

@bebobaBetty The way you ask God for help is very important. That’s because there are different levels to our request even though we may not realize it. First, there is a difference between a request (prayer) made in our head or out loud. A request made out loud is better because words have a more powerful level of vibration than thoughts and they have a greater impact on the universe.

Second, behind every request there is a sponsoring thought. It is the controlling thought. So, if you pray for something and your sponsoring thought is that you now don’t have what you want, that sponsoring thought becomes your reality. That means your prayer goes unanswered because it is a prayer of lack (you don’t have what you want) rather that a prayer of abundance (you know you will get what you want).

The best way to make a request, therefore, is to make it a statement of gratitude that assumes you have already received what you are requesting. A prayer of gratitude might be:

Thank you God be bringing me positive solutions to the issues I face. I’m very grateful.

Third, you need to have the conviction that your request has already been answered. When you make a request with gratitude and you are very confident about the outcome, your request will be answered.

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Sep 16

I hope you can relate to this...The other day I went down the rabbit hole of old journals that dated back to about '12--which is when I started battling insomnia and became aware of my anxiety issues. Looking over my notes and taking a step back at the totality of my journey such as it is, I was really encouraged. What doing that showed me is that God as answered all my prayers and he has cared for me every step of the way. But He sure didn't make it easy on me. In some ways He just zapped away my problems but mostly when it felt like He was piling on He was really building me up. I just couldn't see the forest from the trees.
Now I've got my share of stuff that still sucks, but without a doubt I know that it's all to my good. I know it because the Bible says so and through experience. Hang in there. Prayers.


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