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Food for thought, does living a simple life help stress? h


Food for thought, does living a simple life help stress?

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Jun 6

@tiny98 When I stepped off the plane in New Delhi, 2003, there was something distinctly different in the air. I knew that I had arrived at a sacred place, different from any other country I had previously visited. I spent one very cold week in New Delhi, then flew to Chennai for a glorious week in the tropics. If there is one country I must return to before I die, it is India!
I was such a busy body -- running about obtaining multiple master's degrees, teaching fellowship, etc., trying to prove my worth to myself, my family. Where has it gotten me? Chronically ill on disability, currently recovering from amputation of fingers, toes. My mind is as sharp as it's ever been, but my physical body is wreaking havoc. I have a great opportunity to master simple living. What might my next steps be?

Jun 8

Its interesting to hear that, India isn't my place to go to. I have heard people liking it though for their reasons. It makes me think of where I would like, unsure.


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