I was on my motorbike outside today and was in a very down m


I was on my motorbike outside today and was in a very down mood due to the stress lately that I can no longer cope with. I was at the intersection when a bus was approaching. For any other people, dodging that bus would have been no problem. But at that moment for me, suddenly I thought "How nice would it be if I got hit by it ...". I snapped out of it just on time and managed to dodge it, still falling on the ground and injuring myself in the process. Lately, these thoughts are recurring, I thought I've shaken them off long ago but they are coming again. When I'm on a tall building, I'd think about jumping. When I'm cooking, I have the urge to cut myself with a knife. Every time I tell myself to snap out of it, there is like this voice inside me saying "Why should you snap out of it ? Won't it be easier to just put a stop to every suffering here ?" and on many occasions, I ended up self harming anyway.
I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm going crazy

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Aug 12

@padminishankar I do the best I can for everyone here at SG. this site has helped me a lot, and the least I can do is put my effort into helping others

Aug 14

Thank you. I always read your comments. Glad you are there.You are a supportive person.

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Aug 15

@padminishankar luckily we have many here. I do my best for everyone, as im sure others do too. and thank you :-)


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