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Those of you who are familiar with social anxiety will under

Those of you who are familiar with social anxiety will understand how hard social interactions may be for people suffering from this disorder. Simple everyday situations that seem perfectly fine to most people, such as talking to a stranger on the street or making a phone call, can lead to intense disturbing symptoms that accompany anxiety and stress: high heart rate, trembling, excessive sweating; to name a few.

This isn't just talking about physical symptoms. It seems that socially anxious people can’t have a “normal” life; meeting new people, making friends, going out and partying; causes discomfort and confusion.

Many of us believe that something is wrong with us and we need to be “fixed”.

The point of view on the causes of social phobia is associated with the fear of being judged by others.
However, what if socially anxious people are simply too sensitive to other people’s energy and emotions? (Which are so intense and devastating that they are forced to avoid any social interactions?)

As always, solicit your input.

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Jennipain's picture
May 17

Thank you for all this information about this condition I truly think it will helps others. xo

May 19

i feel that you need some space to relax me and you should really get to know each other a lot more I know where your coming from its like and cat and mouse game with a lot of people out that but I just don't what to see what you being let down by people that lie you its like you know what its is in the first place wish best of luck but still me and you should meet up when your ready

Marlene1105's picture
May 20

Jennipain: You are very welcome!


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