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This is I feel like the leading issue of my life. I have thi

This is I feel like the leading issue of my life. I have this strong belief that I just don't know how to talk to people. I'm awkward and I struggle to just talk. I get so scared to say anything to people that I say the first thing that comes to mind and even then, its not at all natural. I'm trying to fake it until I do it right but it feels like I'm going nowhere.
Not only that, I have other issues but I'm new, I'm not sure how I'll say them here. But I'm just not at all happy. Been losing sleep, I'm physically hurting by how scared I feel, and I just feel like crying all the time as pathetic as that sounds. I wish I was stronger so I know what I'm doing wrong so I can just fix it and live a life.

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Apr 15

Hello and welcome to support groups! So sorry to just now see your post! I am so glad you found our site and i hope you share only what you are comfortable with!
Life can be so awkward sometimes...but together we can help each other feel a little more comfortable in our own skin!
If you need help navigating the site, thre is a frequentpu asked questions section at the bottom middle of each page!
Hope you stop in often for support:)


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