I just don’t know what else to do. I have struggled with s


I just don’t know what else to do. I have struggled with social anxiety since I was a child (although i didn’t know it had a name at the time of course). I moved to a different country so I could be with my husband almost 3 years ago. His side of the family are great. My husband has 2 grown up sons from a previous marriage and 2 grandkids. So the family’s merge for get togethers a lot. I have shyed away from a lot of parties and events because of the social anxiety. However I have started to bite the bullet and go to the parties and events even though I am uncomfortable and have panic attacks. My husbands side of the family are great for the most part and his sons wife’s parents are great too, very kind people. However my husbands ex in laws are so judgemental. They know of my social anxiety and make things worse. The ex father in law takes a photo of me almost every time I see him, he shows me it and then laughs. I says things to me such as sit on his lap. I think he is trying to get a reaction, I just ignore him because I don’t want to make a scene. He doesn’t do that to anyone else at the parties we go to. I find it creepy. His wife talks about me in front of me to other people and seems like put downs. She is a gossiper anyway and gossips about everyone not just me. I saw them yesterday at the grandkids game and she made a big thing out of me not going to the games much to her friend. It has made me feel the effort I have put in is wasted because now I feel I don’t want to go anywhere anymore. It has set me back and afraid to go when they are there.

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19 hours ago

@Destiny2020 I made my husband aware yesterday. I don’t think he realizes how bad it makes me feel but that’s my fault for not saying exactly how bad it makes me feel. I will speak with him in more depth this weekend when he isn’t so busy with work and let him know how much it’s affecting me and pushing my progress back. He has been supportive of me as much as he can since we got married. He thanks me everytime I go places with him. I guess my anxiety always makes me think I am overreacting but I’m this instance I know I am not. Thank you so much for your reply, I have shut off today and just sat in front of the television, cried for a moment and have tried sleeping but can’t. Your reply has helped so much!

19 hours ago

@Littlesis7 You are right, bullies want a reaction. I think I am weak sometimes for getting walked over like that but as you say they want a reaction and they will makes it worse if I did react. Now I have to work on not stewing over it. Thank you so much for replying, I feel better after writing it down on here and getting replied to knowing I am not alone in this.

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1 hour ago

@ToastedTCake You are definitely not alone. I've been thru ppl criticizing and judging me -blindsided by 'loved ones' that you would've thought otherwise...it stuns you. You find yourself not sure which direction to turn rt?
My biggest difficulty is not 'stewing' over it bc I TRUSTED these ppl. I am trying hard to learn to let it go and not consume me. The better our mental health, the faster this crap should 'roll off us!!'
You're welcome, we are a positive Sg family here. Hope your wknd is free of any of this type of burden...


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