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I am feeling stressed and anxious, because I have several te


I am feeling stressed and anxious, because I have several tests that I need to have done. In March I went to visit my family doctor for a yearly physical. She gave me three important tests that I need to have done a blood test, chest x-ray and mammogram. My problem is getting there on my own so asked my husband he gets angry with me, but he doesn't understand what it's like for me. Last year, I had a panic attack while sitting in a doctor's office he was a specialist that I had to see to find out about my health issues. I had a procedure to find out if I have colon cancer. So now I need to see my family doctor to have my prescriptions refilled. So my husband agreed and said. I will need to do all my tests in one day and on the same day I see my family doctor, because he hates taking time off from his job..

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Jun 14

are you on anything for anxiety? i know it sounds like i’m selling something but i’m truly not, essential oils changed my life. i am in no way saying they cure everything. but they certainly aid. my anxiety is so bad to the point where it makes me physically ill & has sent me to the hospital on more than one occasion. i now keep lavender & peppermint oil on me at all times. all i do is just take a whiff & it’s so calming. it only lasts for about 5-10 mins before i need to sniff again but it’s so worth it. i get mine from doterra & it’s pure oil with no chemicals like the ones they sell in walmart or elsewhere. lavender may help you calm down before, during & after the appointment. i am so sorry your husband is making you feel bad, he has no right to do that when all you are asking for is support & love. please don’t feel bad about needing someone to go with you to your appointments, you deserve to feel safe. i’m sending you love & light & i pray your husband realizes you just need him right now & you’re allowed to need him, just as he is you.

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Jun 21

What a difficult situation. It's awful to habe to rely on family who are like that. I hope it goes ok.

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Jun 21

You might research other ways of getting to your appointments. I know here in Indiana, many counties have small buses and cars that will taxi people to their appointments when they meet requirements. A few hospitals also offer the same service.


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