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Am I the only one who can’t eat with a friend? I get extre

Am I the only one who can’t eat with a friend? I get extremely self conscious, and start shaking and get tremors. If I’m in a group of people, I’m ok because I’m not being focused directly on. My social anxiety is so bad that if I’m a meeting with co-workers I have a panic attacks every time.

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May 15, 2018

I know exactly how you feel! For many years I couldn't eat with friends, co-workers or anyone I didn't know. I don't know if this will help you; however, I started telling myself that I was meeting up with people who were probably just as nervous as I was and "we all put our pants on the same way"! I had panic attacks so I learned to slow down my breathing which helped me a lot! I know this situation is awful and scary but you can co it! I hope the best for you!


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