Ok well I thought I submitted a post but it didn’t show so

Ok well I thought I submitted a post but it didn’t show so trying again. I feel hopeless and angry. I’ve been trying to stop smoking. I’ve smoked since I was 12 and I’m now 26 .. I’m down to about 18 -20 a day…. Financial they are to expensive now … But I finally decided today was the day to not buy anymore thought I had strength and then out of habit I bought them at the gas station… I hate the smell and it’s causing issues with my child my current relationship of two years and my health…. I’ve tried so many things but struggle to just stop … I’m looking for a mentor or tips or what worked for others ….. my mother and sister smoke so it’s hard to not be triggered to light one when they do. I’m moving away in June and hope that will help me focus but I would love to just be completely smoke free… my daughter deserves the best version of me and this isn’t it … I’ve asked for help from family well support to stop but they just say the wrong things an they are negative about it…. I smoke more honestly when I reach out to them….

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May 4

I follow verywell on Instagram and today their post was about their podcast and a doctor who is an expert on helping people break addictions, maybe worth listening to. Hugs!


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