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Hello, I had a terrifying sleep walking episode last night.


Hello, I had a terrifying sleep walking episode last night. I stayed the night at a friend's place and at some point while we were both asleep I got up from the bed and got out of the house.. I don't know how long i've been out there or what I did. Suddenly at around 5 in the morning I wake up and I found myself on a street where I couldn't recognise or remember.. The worst part of this story is that I've been naked for all this time as I left the house straight out of bed, didn't bother to wear anything not even shoes or clothes.. My shock waking up in the middle of the street completely naked without any memory traumatized me big time.. I ve managed to knock on a door and thank god a lovely lady took me in gave me some clothes and called the police.. Ive spent all morning at the hospital for checks and thank god nothing worst had happened to me, like getting raped or abused or even killed.. I had a couple of episodes in the past but not as dangerous as this one.. I have to do therapy urgently cause that incident left me being scared to sleep.. Has anyone had this type of therapy before and could you please suggest any affordable sleep clinic in London?
Thanks a lot n advance.

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Jul 8

You're welcome, and hope you find a good one!

Jul 10

Sleep disorders centre Guy and St Thomas NHS Trust. If its a good one I'll share it for people with similar issues like me that might be interested .
Thank you for the support.. :) X

Jul 11

XO! That's a great idea!


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