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I don't usually post. I add tid bits to others posts. I'm


I don't usually post. I add tid bits to others posts.
I'm worn out from so little sleep over the last cpl months. Sleep Apnea..... Very severe.
Last two nights I've had less than 1 and a half hours of sleep. The past week I've had about 9 hours of sleep. My eyesight is blurry, I'm very weak and worried at any moment I may have a heart attack or stroke. Its been this way over two months. Huge anxiety late afternoon till about 1am. Due to worrying IF I'LL SLEEP. I go back to the Dr. Friday.....

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Nov 3

So.... Had a ton of tests at the VA Hosp. My soft pallet actually sits or rides on the back of my tongue. So the air is partially blocked all the time. My nasal passages are blocked too. So less oxygen. My Dr. (A very nice Asian lady with a heavy accent) said I need surgery. (I figured that one, and I'm not a Dr.) After checking, VA does not like to do that type of surgery. Expensive....!! They prefer to hand out cpap machined. Gee.... I really want to be hooked to a machine for the rest of my life while I sleep, NOT!
And of course it does not FIX the problem.

Jan 13

Have you been tested for sleep apnea. Talk to your doctor and thell get you set up for a test. Its usually over night. If you have it thsyll get you set up with a cpap machine. I have sleep apnea really bad but im not comfortable wearing my mask. I also have anxiety issues which arent related to sleep apnea. Actually i have a chemical imbalance which is treated by a psychiatrist and i go to counsling. I just had a bad episode over new years with anxiety and other issues. It was so bad i couldnt even get out of bed. Im back on my medication correctly and doing much better. A complete turn around. Also i have orders from the doctor to stay off of the caffeine. Thats also been a big help. I used to drink a lot caffeine. For now i drink caffeine free sodas. Coca cola is my weakness. Good luck with figuring everything out my friend.

Jan 13

Yes, I have severe sleep apnea. Hoping to get a CPAP at the end of the month. My soft pallet sits in my tounge in the back. And closes off my airway. On top of that, my sinuses are always blocked.

I'm a Vet. Everything in the military is always slow. I'm hoping the CPAP works for me.


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