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November 19th, 2020


im someone , something that no woman would choose. No woma

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im someone , something that no woman would choose.
No woman would choose this:
I am over 40,
I am poor ,
no job,
have not worked for months and months,
I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity -that means I cannot tolerate man-made fumes like sprays/cosmetics/lotions and everything fake scented.
What woman would even give up smells and cosmetics for a man?

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Nov 16

Arora, Yeah, personality is everything. My X was the only one ever that I knew that gave up all scents bc I am the one that was her sun. I never thought that she would actually give up totally just like that . I thought that she would have excuses and tru to push over boundaries. She WAS the most ...many words, until she cheated and did things that arent good and could trigger others if I type them. Fact is...................... women, from what I have seen, are extremely conceited and wait for whoever to jump the high bar they set. I have seen that women have bacome hateful rather than ladies. Thats been my very narrow experience since I didnt cheat and I was loyal to one and then from that to being desolate, completely without any intimate or social contact. Thing is what is the word plain? Are you saying that women by default are ugly or just blah ? I have seen beauty, and the beauty that I have seen had no chemicals added. But hey, Im an Alien right? No one chooses an Alien. they ALIENATE him. i am serious when I type this..............
NO ONE will have care when my body is found wo a face. I am hurting each day and it is more than text could even skim to explain from the surface
bc it is really really deep. My tears are invisible and i have invisible tears that do not come up.

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Nov 21

That must be really difficult because its true most people have chemical fumes.. even just by putting on deodorant.

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Nov 21

@Invisible_Tears_Within I'm sorry u r hurting this much and this deeply... I wish I could say more, I wish I could say something that'd magically become motivational and change this world...or atleast change ur world... But reality doesn't work that way... I learned that the hard way...

By 'plain', I meant "without all the added attraction brought by cosmetics"... It's wonderful that u are able to see beauty beyond chemicals... There are very very few people like you... I really wish u could see urself from my perspective... Yes, u r hurting... Yes, u have sensitivity towards chemicals and now that's part of you... In a way, u are best equipped to find the real people out there who are willing to bare themselves for judgement from this world and stand tall and proud... I'll also agree that it's extremely difficult to find that one person who fits u right... Did u read Harry Potter? When buying his wand, Harry had to try soo many... Bcs he just needs to find the right one that matches him... The one wand which helps him at every moment in his life... Just like that, maybe u r destined for great things... 40s is not too old... My parents married and had me in their 40s... And our life didn't really start until they were in their 50s... I'm not undermining ur pain by any means... I can't even imagine the kind of life u r leading... I'm only saying what I feel.... I don't have much experience in this world... So.... I can only wish you good luck and hope that u find that one person who will stay by ur side through thick and thin... I can say one thing though... Ur tears need not be invisible... atleast in this place... We all are suffering from one thing or the other... I don't think anyone here would care that u r hurting or crying... Let it out... If nothing else, the weight in ur chest might get decreased at the very least... My prayers are with you...

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