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November 19th, 2020


I'm in a rather lonely relationship. My partner who is deal

I'm in a rather lonely relationship. My partner who is dealing with depression has revealed that he wants to leave and move to his daughter's family's place. Also he doesn't spend a lot of time with me.

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Nov 22

Sorry. I am also alone. Corona doesnt help

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Nov 22

HelenZana If he is experiencing depression with you, he will be depressed at his daughters too.

Nov 22

Hi Helen, I am so sorry. I hear your pain. It is sad that he wants to leave, but if he feels strongly, you may need to let him go. It is in leaving that he may get help for his depression and realize that he wants a relationship with you. Right now, you are in a bad place as he is not committed to being together and growing the relationship. That is not healthy for you and it rewounds your heart every time you feel sad.Try to reach out to people who can love and support you. You need that and when we ask, others often want to help. I wish you well.


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