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So I know this sounds weird, but I'm thinking of becoming a

So I know this sounds weird, but I'm thinking of becoming a single mom and need advice. I always thought I would find Mr. Right, settle down, and start a family, but at 38 I am still single and the window to have a child is quickly closing. I've been seriously considering AI/IVF but that means becoming a single mom with no partner support. I do have a great family that would provide outside support - but its definitely not the same. I would love input, tips, and information from people who are actually living as single parents so I can make the best decision possible - thoughts? Anything you wish you knew before you became a single parent that you wish someone would have told you?

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Nov 2

can anyone in the group answer this? lypifera you might also try asking in some of our other groups that get more traffic.

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Dec 1

If you have a supportive family and you're 38, it's not weird at all. Will you have financial stability? Do you know of someone who will take on the responsibility of raising your child should you become ill or die? Are you nurturing and energetic and good with kids? Can you be selfless and put your life entirely on hold to care for a little one? Are you okay with being a single mom rather than out looking for a partner? Do you feel emotionally like you alone, are complete? Who will be the babysitters and back-up sitters? Where will your child attend pre-school through highschool?
Is there a family member or nanny who will live in your home so you can get sleep and/ or leave the house when you need something?
Lots of questions to ask yourself. But, if you can positively answer all these, then yes, I think sperm bank or IVF is certainly something to consider. Your child needs a loving, safe, happy home. This can be in a single parent home (if you have family support). If you can provide, your child can thrive.
Do not have a child with a man unless you feel 100% at peace that he will be a loving father and husband. Better to have a baby without any ties than in a bad relationship where there's potential for abuse or neglect.

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