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Out of nowhere my now ex boyfriend told me he didn’t want


Out of nowhere my now ex boyfriend told me he didn’t want our baby, left me, and said he would sign over his rights. I am 23 (almost 24) & I am 15 weeks tomorrow. The entire first trimester he was supportive and making sure I was ok. Now It’s like he never cared. He said I either give up our baby for adoption or he was leaving. I want this baby, so he left. I want to stay strong for my baby but I’m so heartbroken that I don’t know what to do. Just thinking about doing this alone and having to give birth alone brings me to tears. I am terrified.

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Oct 3

@pmelly You have got this!! My sister did it years ago and while it was hard she rose to the occasion. You will too! Also, while your family may not be overjoyed they may very well come around!

Oct 3

Im so sorry you are going through this tough time. You are stronga nd courageous. You already are a good mom for standing by your baby's side. Hard times doesn't last always. I am praying that things get better for you soon. But once this baby is born, you will never be alone again and the love between a mom and child is unbreakable.

Oct 11

Listen to me, I am in no way trying to make this sound like its easy. I know how you feel. But, I was married for 7 years to someone that turned 360 degrees around and it did not happen until the second year of my child's life. It is so much better that he himself walked away at this time that he did, then having to have this happen later on. The reason I say so is because the longer , the more confusing and difficult letting go, and you will only grow to become more and more confused holding onto something that is not good. Someone that can do this is heart less and will not serve a good purpose in the child's life. I have to endure my daughter going to her dad's home every so many days---i chose to work those days to keep my mind off of it because it was me who would stay up every night with her, it was me who took care of her when she was sick--brought her to the dr, picked up her scripts etc etc..i did everything mostly for her...DO NOT GO BACK !

I also came from a background about not getting pregnant out of wedlock, but things happen, its nature. If they are good and loving family they will help you no matter what. Love goes without judgement. And, you cannot take the stress of anyone being furious at you during pregnancy. Every emotion you have the baby feels. So, if anyone gets mad at you tell them that this is unhealthy for me please understand. If you keep it from them---then they might be also mad that you didnt tell them. Its funny --they'll be mad either way.

Do not worry what others think. You're not really that young as if you had the baby when you were 15 or 16. You are at a good age. But definitely, do not go back to that cruelty.

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