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Hi, so as far back as I can remember I have always strived

Hi, so as far back as I can remember I have always strived to be a good person, honored my parents, went to school --did well and went onto college, got married and had a child. The person I married took a 360 degree turn and became someone I did not know--cheated on me with so many women and became very emotionally abusive. I depend on him and my parents to watch my daughter when i am working as i must work three days a week to maintain my home. He is by the court assigned days and i am too. works not always the exact same as my request because we have to meet needs of the unit. Well, every now and then my moms gets in a mood and says she cannot watch my daughter-short notice but i say politely ok and i have my daughter by a friend those days. she probes me and says whos watching your daughter and i say a friend, her dads not assigned to her that day, and she insults me telling me thats not how i was raised to live the way i am living. this week i had enough bc it stresses me out i told my dad and he didnt understand me and called me so many names i began to cry on the phone, he told me stop crying, and i said i'm sorry good bye. i'm so surprised that that the people closest to me have come to hurt me so much--emotionally.

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Oct 10

Thats the thing too, my mom was lucky to stay home while my dad took care of everything financially. But its like these days cost of living has gone up and sometimes both parties need to work. i'm on my own now so i have to work. Thanks to God I am making it so far. I dont ask for money just to help me watch my daughter some times. Trying to just stay strong and know that I'm never alone---god is watching over me and my daughter.

Oct 10

It really is. I cried so hard after that phone call because they do it every now and then. And, I have tried so many times to let them know how I feel but they deny that they are doing anything wrong. Thank you so much.

Oct 11

Yes, God is watching over you and your daughter. You can always count on Him. Unfortunately, some are just stuck in their ways and feel that their way is always the right way without considering others feelings. Just know it's nothing with you. Praying for your strength and that they will eventually realize and admit to their faults. Blessings


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