Heyy, im new here and i just want post because i really need

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Heyy, im new here and i just want post because i really need some advice, i am 20 years old and a single mum, my son was born in December and i currently am at a temporary foster placement with him under child protection services and im really struggling with the foster carer. I am doing everything i can to look after my son and managing to attend to all his needs, however the foster carer is constantly telling me im not talking to him which isnt the case and she is most of the time watching tv or out of the house so she isnt really around me to hear me talking to him anyway. She has told me im not bonding with him despite me loving him to bits, holding him and caring for him and if she cant see me talking to him he will be taken off me. I love him i cannot lose him but nothing i seem to do or say will make her believe me that i am speaking to him and im scared im gonna lose him, please i need some advice.

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Jan 12

Hello, I am 15 and was adopted . I love your story. My mom dropped me off when I was 7 and never came back for me. Now I am with a family that I do not want to be with. I need you to fight for your baby, no matter what. Because he needs his mother. In the long run it will hurt him if he does not see his mother fight for him. Never give up on him. His foster parents can give him all the toys he wants but the love you give him will last forever. Today I can have all the material things I dream of. But I will never have the love a mother a mother could give me. So thank you for being there for him. Thank you for being a mother to him. I know I do not know you but thank you. For being a mother who loves her son enough. Advice: love and fight hard. Fight until you get him back and love for eternity.

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Jan 13

Wow i am so sorry that happened to you, i am fighting for him its just hard with the foster carer going out of her way to make things impossible for me, thank you for sharing your story


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