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Hello. I am currently 16. I Kno that this chat is for single

Hello. I am currently 16. I Kno that this chat is for single mothers, but I am not a mother. There was not a chat that went with my category, and this was the closest. I am one of three children, and my parents are constantly working. My sister is leaving for college in 34 days, and that leaves me with my 0 year old brother. I am supposed to do everything: laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, studying, taking college classes, and most importantly, raising their kid. When my sister leaves, I don't know what to do. So I was hoping you had some advice for me since you are have more experience.

Jul 11

****Correction, my brother is 10.

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Jul 18

I’m sorry your feeling alone. No one should feel that way. It sounds like you have been given a lot of responsibility and it’s scary to think that the person you feel closest to is moving away. Just because she is moving away doesn’t mean you can’t talk with her when your feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. My sister and I actually became closer when it came time for us to move out. Also, if your feeling too much pressure have an honest adult conversation with your parents. I hope you find a solution.

Jul 19

Hi, so glad you asked for support. It sounds like you are carrying a big load. You are not alone. So many parents now work full-time and the kids have to help to keep the house going. It sounds like you really want to do your part, but you may need some help as school begins in the Fall. You are also grieving that your sister is leaving. She has been with you for all your life and it is a big adjustment. She will miss you a lot too. Make a plan to talk to each other a couple of times a week and stick to it. Not sure how far she will be, but hoping she will be home during holidays and breaks. Yes, you can be closer when you are apart. Since your brother is 10, maybe he can start helping with the chores. You might want to consider talking to your parents and asking if the responsibilities and expectations can be gone over and see if some of it can be handled a little differently. Your parents love you and may not be aware since they are working a lot and may be too tired to notice. Communicating honestly in a family is important. When school starts, maybe you can join a club or a group that you really enjoy so you have an outlet and something that is fun. You could also talk to your guidance counselor at school if you need some help. Definitely involve your brother with the dishes, laundry and cooking....make it fun for both of you and he will learn to do things to help as well. I wish you the best. You are a special young lady to be loving your family as you do.

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