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Good Morning Ladies. First I want to take a moment and say t

Good Morning Ladies. First I want to take a moment and say to everyone you are amazing. You may not always think/believe it but being a single mom makes you a superhero. I'd like to quickly (actually it will be kind of long I am sure) share my story. I am the single mother of 9 year old twin girls. I got pregnant when I was 22, Their dad (in hindsight) wasn't a great person then either. I left him in 2012 right after my girls turned 2 due to major infidelity and honestly he was just about the laziest person I have ever met. Things were ok for a couple years, and by ok I mean he wasn't the worst father out there but he was no where near a good father. Then in Jan 2015 he lost his job because he was calling into work every week due to partying. Long story short we were in mediation and finalizing our APR agreement when 3 days after he called me hallucinating at 5am in the morning because he was using drugs, and he had the girls. Cops called, he went to the hospital, CPS was involved it was a mess. Since then I have had full custody (just over 4 years now). He has been deemed voluntarily under-employed many times. He now is 2 months behind on child support and only has supervised visitation where he seems to not care about being on time to return the girls to me. Yesterday I had to call the police. He is extremely hard to work with (we can't even talk), classic definition of a narcissist and dead beat. I am at a loss as to what to do anymore because I can't afford any more attorneys. Anyway, I am sorry for the long message. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Jun 12

Just keep documenting everything and call your state's attorney general's office to see if they can help with the child support.


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