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I'm feeling defeated. I've been in a on going custody battle

I'm feeling defeated. I've been in a on going custody battle for over four years and today he decided to take my kids again when it's my weekend. I made a police report and they say there's nothing that they can do. It feels like it's never going to stop. He's more like a teenager and I'm the only parent. Any advice...?

Mar 15

CYA always. In any situation like this, document everything. Every transgression, conversation, time, date, summary of what happened, your feelings and frustrations. Sometimes it helps to feel like we can do something/anything, and it can help in court at times. It is not easy, but we get stronger at handling things.

Mar 15

Thank you

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Mar 16

@phe is completely correct, the police won't be able to help you until there is a custody order in place, but if you document all of the issues you have with the custody prior to an agreement, the judge or mediator usually takes that into account, records work to your advantage. In the mean time, focus on making your time with the children happy and structured, if he is doing frivolous things with them, that can also swing the scales in your favor. The authorities like to see parents act responsibly, so even if he's taking them to the amusement park every weekend and they love it, the legal authorities can question their diet, unsafe actions, etc... Good luck, I'm available if you'd ever like to talk.


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