Stimulus money burning a hole in my pocket, so I spent $100

Stimulus money burning a hole in my pocket, so I spent $100 on veggie garden supplies and then sent the rest to an IRA so maybe my future self won’t be quite so destitute. Diet not going so well. I ate meat yesterday, but at least the hamburger was on whole wheat bread. Changing behavioral patterns is hard. It’s best to be sneaky and persistent about bringing good behaviors. I tell myself that substituting the bread won’t hurt any thing (it did, it wasn’t nearly as delicious) Chugging that water early this morning won’t cause my coffee to be any less wonderful (that was true, and now I’m all hydrated). Now to train myself to spend my energy shopping for investments instead of shopping for stuff. I think redirecting my obsessive behavior might be the key to reaching my retirement goals. I’m no longer seeing retirement as a fantasy but as a future reality, and achieving it, my job. A little bit each day, compounding over time to become something great.

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Jan 18

You are so inspiring, I hope you see that!


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