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So I'm taking the first step... I blew through about $30k

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So I'm taking the first step... I blew through about $30k-40k in 6 months. My grandmother had left me money when she passed. Granted $12k was spent on my fiance's truck and our warranties. I don't know. It felt like blood money and I wanted it gone. I make decent money at work but ive blown through all of that as well. now ive been obsessed with buying makeup and stuff. it's like i cant stop. I don't want to completely stop shopping. I just want to get it under control.... any tips? HALP!!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!

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May 19

@Journeygrl84 i know it is hard to stop once you get started. i had to remove my card and only carry cash, never had a card unless it was the debit card. I am sure you can get it all under control. it takes practice and reviewing your purchases and getting a support system.

May 19

@journeygrl184 How did you do at Walmart?
Yesterday was a rough day for me because I talked to my husband. Of course, he wasn’t as mad as I thought he would be. I was more angry and disappointed in myself than he was. Yesterday was a really exhausting day no didn’t shop for me. I did buy my daughter-in-law a pregnancy subscription box but my husband and I already committed to buy her this monthly box. It just happened to be yesterday I put in the order. It didn’t give me any highs like I would normally get. So that was good. I did revert back to my second addiction which is good. If it isn’t one thing it is another. Lol. So that was my day yesterday.
Tell me more about yours?

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May 21

I finally stopped after buying SO much makeup over Christmas. You know what? All that makeup has been sitting there during the whole pandemic unused. It makes me sick. Do you think you've hit bottom? It sounds pretty close to it. When you want peace more than stuff, you're ready to quit.


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