New here and looking for help on overcoming overshopping....

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New here and looking for help on overcoming overshopping....overspending. I am looking for a therapist and books (yes, books to buy.....). I realize what I've been doing is pure insanity. I buy tons of clothes and things yet I am not working and barely leave the house. What I'm doing is nuts! Hoping to make some connections here and share in overcoming this addiction. Thank you!

Feb 23

I am the same way. I have a full closet with new shoes, clothes and purses and I wear the same crap day in and day out. My closet looks like a high end boutique and I look homeless.

Feb 26

Same here. The amount of designer clothing is unreal and so much i really don’t know what i own. My broken trust with my wife as I cannot stop buying This addiction is so hard.

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Feb 26

Just a thought, for you shop-aholics. Though you buy, buy, buy. Can't you keep the things you buy and a few days later, return them? It's usually the buying that is the addiction. They say that Shopping addiction is very deep seeded emotionally. And it's best to see a professional. It's not as bad as gambling, but a close second. You can lose everything gambling. At least with buying, you have that window of opportunity to return the item(s) and get your money back. I read about a man who had an incredible amount of highly expensive fishing equipment. And said his greatest fear in life, was to die..... and his wife sell everything for the prices he told her he bought them for. But in reality, it was ten times that. I thought that was funny. Still, as he said, he never even used much of the gear. He just HAD to have it. Similar to any addiction. It's a need, an urge or itch you want to scratch. Take a few minutes to think things out. Clear your mind. Watch something on T.V. like a movie or YouTube videos. Get involved with a hobby if you have one. Or find something you like to do. Even with hobbies, I've seen people spend, spend, spend. Thinking they need everything that has to do with that hobby. That feel good hormone you get when buying, only lasts a short time. The anxiety and depression later, can last days, weeks or months. I used to be a Floor Manager in a Casino. I've seen what spending huge amounts of money can do to a person and their family. Keeping a Bank card ONLY in your wallet. And just enough money in that account for things you actually need. Leave the other cards at home. And keep little cash around. If you have a significant other, have him/her keep your credit cards and another main bank card. It's smart to have two banks. One for minimal spending. The other for savings and Bills, food etc.

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