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My mother wanted me to join a shopping addiction support gro

My mother wanted me to join a shopping addiction support group because instead of doing drugs or drinking too much to
numb the pain of assault in a previous relationship I buy things to fill the raging sadness. When my grandmother passed away in 1971 they found over $20,000 of clothes with the still on them in the back of her trunk. I think my mom fears I’m going to end up on the path her mom did when she was 11. I can’t save money and feel as though the only way not to spend it is to stay in. But then there is online shopping and flex pay which makes me put reason behind my purchases like ‘oh but it’s only $32 this week’ I know I need help but it’s scary to ask for it. I’m 24 and feel as though I’ll never have enough money for a house or even just stability. I also have ptsd and have to pay service dog funds next week. I got a promotion at work and hope with it I’ll save more. I just don’t know anymore...

Sep 10

Also I work retail as a clothes specialist so it makes it harder looking at things I want all day

angrypoet123's picture
Sep 10

@Fernwehgal That's how I am with food. I am addicted to crap I shouldn't eat and I work with food. Also have a shopping addiction.


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