I'm so so lost. I have hit rock bottom. I cant control the

I'm so so lost.
I have hit rock bottom. I cant control the desire for things I see other have and once i get the item i cant deal with guilt and shame that comes with spending my money. Giving away my future and financial freedom. I want to stop shopping so much. I buy mainly jewellery, fashion and makeup believing that it will make me happier and prettier. I have very low self esteem (destroyed further by my exes). My shopping addiction gets in a way of my social life and meeting people as I dont have money to go out coz I spend it all shopping. I want to get back to my old self, that only bought things she really needed and had a group of caring friends! Please help

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Sep 9

Addiction is addiction. Doesn't matter what you are addicted to, it's the same. There are things you can do that will help prevent you from shopping, but that's only half of it. You can cut up your credit cards, pre-pay all your bills by direct debit the same day your cheque hits your account (rent, etc). Limit you access to money, all forms of money. That will help minimize the damage but won't address the addiction piece. Are you able to see an addictions counselor? You could go to and open meeting at AA and listen. While listening, substitute alcohol with shopping. Maybe there's even a shoppers anonymous group near you?

Sep 10

Im not based in the USA and sadly where I live there is no groups hence I found this online community and found it very inspiring. I do indeed recognise the shopoholic in me and I have started to do just what you advised. I only take the amount of money that I budgeted for the day and leave my cards at home this really does help. I don't have any bills and I live rent free but I think this contributes to my desire to send only on stupid things rather than be responsible for necessities. I have a long way to go but I do want to change and everyday I try to become better and control my impulses. Thank you again for your words of wisdom.


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