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if I have money in my pocket I just have to spend it... I do

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if I have money in my pocket I just have to spend it... I don't know why the thought of spending it will just eat away at me... I hate it

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Jan 17

I super can relate to you JTW. Everything we have to buy is overspending.
What i just started to do is to put a monthly budget for those things and withdrawal exact the amount i planned. I will try to spend this amount and if i don't have it i won´t buy it. Let you know if it works...

Jan 17

@JTW Yes, no respect for money. No concept of saving it. Didn't grow up with any money lessons.

Jan 23

I'm the same way I cant hold on to much but after I pay off some debt I'm gonna save some and have some to spend and get organized. Maybe I should keep track of how much i spent on this and that, it might be a wake up call. I feel like if I cant hold on to it in my wallet, maybe I can if I have a goal amount in a piggy bank and what it's for (car, debt, travel etc.) I can have a better idea of what I want and how much instead of like throwing random amounts of money into a piggy bank and my wallet. I'm buying shadow boxes with a opening at the top and I'm going to decorate it. I'm excited. Good luck with everything, looking forward to seeing more about your progress.


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