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I was molested when i was very young and my parents divorced

I was molested when i was very young and my parents divorced when in was a year old. My dad was an alcoholic he went to treatment and now is sober. my mom and i have a very unhealthy relationship. she drinks a lot now. I ran away young and had a teen pregnancy in a very abusive relationship. I left with my two daughters and worked as a CNA until i was diagnosed with stage 2 brain cancer. this april i will be married with my husband for 3 years we are not in debt but we could be if i can't get my spending under control. sometimes i hide purchases or feel bad after i buy it. i am trying to stop spending but even though i dont need it i will obsess until i buy it or don't i just can't stop.

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Nov 9

I’m really serious about change I’m getting a therapist I put my credit cards up and won’t be spending I’m setting goals but need help figuring out what it is that I’m missing!

Nov 11

That sounds like a good plan. You've got a lot of awareness and that's so important.

16 hours ago

So I would say since I have admitted and put up my credit cards and said it out loud that I had a problem and told my husband what I needed him to do to support me and not make me feel worthless when he talks to me about my shopping it’s helped. I am seeing a psychiatrist next week and than after that a therapist hopefully. I know it will continue to be a battle but if I take it one day at a time and fight the urges I get I know I’ll get through it!


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