This week's Brilliant New Topic: It is Thanksgiving next week y'all, where has the year gone???
November 19th, 2020


I imagine that my issue is probably very common, but I am st

I imagine that my issue is probably very common, but I am still torturing myself by going onto Amazon and other sites and shopping for items I don’t need right now or that I simply can’t afford, especially if I would like to retire some day. I finally paid off my furniture this month, and am down to the car note and a medical debt. Telling myself that I may not take on any more consumer debt is not what I want to hear at all, but it’s my new normal. That includes interest free financing, because that’s really a trap to get me into debt. I remind myself that once I have accrued the funds in a separate account for a large purchase, AND retirement is on track, then yes, I may pull the trigger. It’s taking a long time, so I’m feeling frustrated. Trying to find some way to make peace with not being able to have it all right now. I really do have plenty ... so why am I panicking that I should buy more before it is all gone? It’s partially COVID, but not entirely.

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Nov 21

Sorry you're going through this right now. If I am reading your old posts correctly, for a while you had things under control? If that is accurate, did something stressful happen recently to make you crave shopping? Are Thanksgiving and Christmas bringing up difficult feelings?

Nov 22

The whole holiday thing is enough to challenge anyone.. I forced myself to start Christmas shopping and perhaps that’s opened up the door. I guess it’s good to be conscious of how all the extra holiday triggers are messing with my head. “The Plan” will work if I don’t sabotage it. But it requires a great deal of patience and humility, which I have very little of. Need to find a methodology (big word) for recognizing when I am about to head down that rabbit hole and divert my focus elsewhere. Like studying or excercise or cleaning the house. Anything.


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