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I have been reading about compulsive and implusive shopping

I have been reading about compulsive and implusive shopping addictions. I have suffered from compulsive shopping addiction for years at least past 8 to 9 years yet I have never realized it. In 2018 , I was getting a house painting and renovation done when I had to move my stuff around. I also found myself low in cash while getting the work done. I was 37 years old then and I had to ask for help from my mother. That when I realized I had a major major problem of shopping. I had to do something about it. The first thing I tackled was take stock of my expenses, prepare saving plan, inventory of the products I had. De cluttered clothes , bags and shoes ruthlessly. Didnt keep any money for shopping budget. Things are a lot better now, though I feel I was so late in realizing. I still cave into impulsive shopping but now I know saving is my number one priority. Whatever I buy now should not be duplicate and should be put to use asap. Hope it helps someone. But I feel glad when people so much younger than me are realizing their problems but I couldn't. Much love to all here.

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Sep 10

@Sura129. Congrats on getting a handle on it. I know that took some internal work to accomplish.


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