I feel like I have no control. I can hold out on buying stuf

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I feel like I have no control. I can hold out on buying stuff for a little while but I’m very very impatient about it. I hate how impatient I am. It’s this issue that causes me to compulsively buy. It’s horrible because I don’t have a job so I’m taking my dads money. I love my dad and I don’t mean any harm yet my compulsive buying has cost him thousands. I hate it.

Mar 17

You do have more control than you think. Does it matter how much you spend on an item? If it really doesn't matter then why couldn't you buy something for a dollar instead of lets say $50.00? If you are buying online then you need to stop now. If you want to go look around and buy a few things for a few dollars that's a he'll of a lot better than going online. You need to put a stop to it and you really can, you can do it. Of you need a job then start thinking about things that you like to get ideas going where to apply then do it. Start applying this weekend, maybe go on indeed start getting a feel for it.


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