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I did it a gain... Bought basically garb age online. Justif

I did it a gain... Bought basically garbage online. Justified it as "necessity that can be rolled into a single payment with my other items....."

What Seriously? How do I stop?! I am nickel and diming myself out of a paycheck.

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Griz75's picture
Jul 29

Have you tried to look when and how you are making those purchases? It sounds like you go online at times, why go online? It seems to be a temptation to make purchases then. Instead of going online, find something else to do. Read a book. Watch tv, exercise, journal about your day, your goals, etc

MissClaire's picture
Jul 31

It happens while I am already online.... I work from home, so that's 8 hours a day.
I get an email, and read it and "ooh,, of course I need this..."
I have tried unsubscribing, but so many marketing emails come all the time it's hard to keep up.

Griz75's picture
Jul 31

@MissClaire just keep on unsubscribing as much as possible. I know there gets to be so many emails. try and limit the time you spend look at the emails, maybe set a reminder note on your PC, "DONT BUY STUFF" or something that help you. Maybe add a picture of a goal you want, a dream vacation or a large purchase like a new car, or even just loan balance, anything that might help you look at stopping that extra spending and realize you can control it.


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