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I am so overwhelmed and so panicked right now. My heart is

I am so overwhelmed and so panicked right now. My heart is heavy and I can't stop crying. I am an uncontrolled spender. I also have bipolar disorder. Severe manic and depressive episodes. Today is a bad day for me as I just came to acknowledge I have no control over myself in spending. I am getting ready to lose my husband if things do not change. Any ideas of how to get involved in groups near me?
Thought I wold try to find a therapist but know I need to be around people that struggle like me. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Dec 2

I don't know of any groups. Do you know what sensation you are feeling when you feel the need to purchase something? Something Like is it sale bargain, someone will love seeing this in my home, or this item gives me warm fuzzies?

Dec 3

I get a rush almost like a high when I shop. Especially clearance items or when I think I am getting a good deal. I don't need it but I buy it.


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