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I am overwhelmed. I had a bill for 278.00 for a certain stor

I am overwhelmed. I had a bill for 278.00 for a certain store I always gets sucked into shopping at. I got the bill for 600. I truly dont recall whether I did make another purchse, I am pretty positive. I realized today how irresonspible I have started being with money. I have been looking for work, with no luck, but I can't seem to stop myself from spending on stuff. I bught 100 dollars in clothes two days ago, and now Im frustrated because I have to go back to the store to return it and the lady is probably going to think I'm nuts cuz I spent an hour in the store picking out the clothes like I had the money to do so.

Back to the other card. I am pretty sure I did not make those purchases. But at the same time, I probably woudn't recall if I did, because I shop there so much. This is how I know I have a problem,

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Apr 15

@equinist is there a way you can transfer the self care to something less harmful?

Apr 15

Such as. I enjoy Yoga, but at the moment I have a torn ligament in my knee, so its not as relaxing as it typically would be.
I have been reading. Going to the place called the Wellness center, it's got a lot of activities going on for people with addictions and mental health challenged. But going there brings me back to my past, when I struggled with mental illness. I want to be part of adult functioning society haha, without falling back into self harming techniques

Apr 20

@equinist yesss sounds similar to me!! Whenever I feel sad or depressed something to cheer me up 100% is shopping! Even if I know I can’t afford what I am purchasing I will tell myself who cares I really like it and I deserve it. So I will buy it I have this major happy phase that last for the whole day or 2 but after that it all kicks in how I have just spent all of this money that I shouldn’t have and I then become stressed that I did it then I try to relax myself and tell myself again that it will be alright, I really liked it so who cares which generally that works but now I’m starting to actually realise how serious this has become! I’m also the same as you I cannot afford to visit a therapist!!


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