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I am going to be accountable and honest. I definitely have a

I am going to be accountable and honest. I definitely have a pattern of buying it all now anxiously like I will never have money again and stores will close. I just did this with our children’s room. I got it all now even though it would have made more sense economically and I would be less anxious if I had spread it out. I definitely learned this from my own parents no blame but that’s a truth in their lives. So my goal for all future projects and shopping that is necessary but not urgent is to make a list with dates we can afford it and wait. My other goal starting today is truly staying off my phone and allowing myself to just exist in downtime and explore other things to do. I noticed I ping between my two addictions -shopping and binging so I need to find an alternative. I love exercising but I feel like I need to learn to just be and not fill alll my time and space . Thank you for listening and the support

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Feb 13

My addictive behavior jumps around too. Finally using a 12 step program to address what's underneath.

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Feb 14

Interesting! I hadn’t thought about my addictive behavior jumping around. I’m not sure I can differentiate between shopping and bingeing yet. It all seems to be rolled together. I miss that high I get from parking in the store lot, grabbing a cart and pushing it up and down all the aisles. I didn’t go yesterday and don’t plan to today. And today is halfway over. But oh boy do I wanna go. I have a list of things to do as a substitute when I get this overwhelming urge to get in the car and go so I will focus on finding something to take the place of shopping.


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